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Sunday, February 20, 2011

UA Rosters Version 9x and UAR Custom SUPERGLOBAL

New Release !!!

UA Rosters Version 9x and UAR Custom SUPERGLOBAL & Photo Mod XXX6 v2

UA Rosters Version 9x

Works with the NEW 2K Patch Update
Works with Mr.Xcitement's Missing Portraits

*No inflated Player Ratings
*No Crashing to Desktop
*Enhanced Gameplay

Coach Profiles have been updated
Player Roles have been updated
All Players and Free Agents
All Transactions Updated (as of Feb 20th 2011)
Rosters based on Official 2k Rosters (Feb 11th 2011)
Updated Player Rotations
Starting Rotations Update
Player Ratings Update
Adrien CF Fix (was headless)
Accessories Update
New Shoes Update (Custom PShoe Pack Ver.4)
and more!!!

Custom UAR SuperGlobal & Shadow Mod XXX 6 (ver.2)

based on Johndoe22 Shadow & Photo Mod XXX 6

Includes: Adidas Techfit & McDavids Sleeves, Ankle Socks, White Socks & Black Socks, McDavids Calf Sleeves, TNT Inside the NBA, Gory Accessories 5.0,Gory Ankle Brace v.4, Elbow Braces (Mcdavids), Jordan Half Calf Sleeve, Team Warmup Suits, Black Suits, Enhanced Generic CF's v.2, Ultimate Sweat, Muscle Reduction, Eyes and more!!!

-Custom UAR Scoreboard (NBA TV / Inside the NBA) Version 2

-Custom UAR Halftime Report (HP / NBA TV)

-Custom UAR Photo Mod XXX 6

UA Rosters Version 9x



No Injuries:

Custom UAR SuperGlobal XXX 6 v2


Custom UAR PShoe Pack v4 (Required to get the latest Shoes)

UAR Draft Class 2011 by

UAR Draft Class 2012 by

Previews from 9x Rosters & UAR SuperGlobal XXX 6 v.2


Free Agents added with Portraits:
S. Robinson, J. Jordan, P. Prestes, K. Gallon, L. Williams, M. Rolle, R. Reid, D. Collins, N. Bjelica, J. Varnado, D. Butler, J. Butler, H. Seung Jin, M. Jaric, J. Jordan, V. Khryapa, J McClinton, K. Snyder, V. Spanoulis, S. Stoudamire, G. Suton and more!!!

Photos/Portraits added for:
Beverley, Hendrix, Allan, Sy, Erden, Harris, Eyenga, Samuels, Collins, Asik, Forbes, Ewing Jr, Janning, Lin, Adrien, Smith, Warren, Caracter, Pekovic
Uzoh, Mozgov, Siler, Barron, Jeter, Neal & Serapin

G.Siler Cyberface now shows up...not Generic

No Headless Players

Credits to: Vl@d Zola Jr. for providing REDitor II


  1. This is good..
    thanks for uploading..

  2. great photo mod XD

  3. awesome roster and shadow/photomod. Best scoreboard too, thanks!

  4. Thanks a bunch for your awesome MODs! :D

  5. @ gOry & Mr. Xcitement

    Thanks Guys...I appreciate the kind words and really respect the work you guys have put into the game...
    You inspired

  6. Nice MOD. One thing is I think there's a bit too much sweat by 4th quarter. It starts to streak and shine just a bit too much, imo. And also, why don't you import all this into shadow mod xxx-9 instead of still using v6? TY for your work though!

  7. @ Anonymous
    Thx for your support of the Rosters
    I didn't use Shadow Mod 9 out of respect for Johndoe since I released the Mod initially on NLSC. I will release newer versions here on Johndoes's website or on Moddingway.

  8. its a nice mod. but for my taste.. it will be perfect if its not too dark but all in all. its ayt!

  9. @arwien, hello man! that's what i also my hidden questions! :D

    @Darth, waiting for your 9.5 Thanks!


  10. why it doesn't work for me. the portraits of mr. excitement and the updates of rosters.

    it's a pleasure for me to play with your works. please help me out me out guys. thank you very much.

    is there other link that portraits shown the real picture of the players.

  11. i don't how to photo mod. please teach me how to do it. thank you very much.this is the to edit the portraits of the players?

  12. @Anonymous, you have to download Mr.Xcitement portraits here

    extract all files and put it in your nba game folder. Then, the roster of Darth you have to put it in nba2k11 saves folder, and before play the game load first the UAR roster. And you're good to go.

  13. i already have it. but it's just the same 106 mb that i downloaded yesterday.

  14. Did you actually load the Rosters?? Did you turn Living rosters off??

  15. @ Mr.Xcitement96 problem Bro. I will release them tomorrow after the Trade Deadline.

  16. how to turnoff living rosters?

  17. @ Anonymous
    go to your save settings in the Menu and turn Living Rosters off