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Sunday, March 13, 2011

photo mod hd v.3 no more bright color

photo mod hd.v3


  1. Looks nice and clean based on the screens. I'm gonna try it out in a bit and give some feedback.


    Looks great and I love the skin tone on both light and dark players. I do get 10-15 fps hit though, if you fix that it would be perfect. My pc can take it though cause i get around 80 fps w/o it so 10-15 isn't to bad. I may edit the photomod myself to remove the lag but i'm lazy lol.

  3. i tried this but all it did was make it really white... any reason why?

  4. no lag for me...i7 870 and hd 5850 at stock, maxed out at 1080p...props for this, normally with photomod i would puke or get dizzy before halftime, there's an issue though seems before the game,after loading or scenes showing the crowd, the screen would change from photo mod off then on again, its kind a annoying, if this could be fixed then it would have been a great photomod

  5. @ matt

    You have to delete your palette from the previous photomod or turn it off from the txt file thingy. Happened to me as well but that fixed it.