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Friday, March 4, 2011


New Release !!!
UA Rosters Version 9.5x & The UAR SuperGlobal xxx9 v3

Here it is...The 9.5x Rosters and New UAR Custom SuperGlobal v3

Based on:
Official NBA 2k11 Rosters (Feb 26th 2011)
Johndoe22's Shadow Mod XXX 9
Johndoe22's Mortal Kombat Photo Mod

Credits to:
Gory for the Accessories, michaelvlutz49...
Johndoe22 for Shadow Mod XXX 9 & MK Photo Mod
Vl@d Zola Jr. for providing REDitor II

UA Rosters Version 9.5x
Make the Playoffs Rosters

UA Rosters v9.5x (with and without Injuries):

UAR Custom SuperGlobal v3

UAR Custom PShoe Pack v5


Simply paste the downloaded Roster files (.ros) into your "SAVES" folder and LOAD "UAR Ver 95x" or "UAR Ver 95x No Inj"
All other files go into your Main NBA 2k11 Folder (example: C:\Program Files\2K Sports\NBA 2K11)

**You can use your favorite Sliders and Settings**

Custom UAR SuperGlobal based on Shadow Mod XXX 9 (ver.3)

includes: Updated Adidas Techfit & McDavids Sleeves, Ankle Socks, White Socks & Black Socks, Calf Sleeves (McDavids), TNT Inside the NBA, Gory Accessories 5.0, Gory Ankle Brace v.4, Elbow Braces (Mcdavids), Jordan Half Calf Sleeve, Team Warmup Suits, Black Suits, Enhanced Generic CF's v.2, Ultimate Sweat, Muscle Reduction, Real Eyes, White Teeth, McDavids Short Sleeves, New Braces, New Knee Pads and more!!!

****Credits to all the Modders who's work I put into the Global

-Custom UAR Scoreboard V2 (NBA TV / Red TNT Logo) New

-Custom UAR Halftime Report (HP / NBA TV)

-Custom UAR Photo Mod XXX 9 New

Player Roles have been updated (will not reset )
All Players and Free Agents have a Portrait
**Note** For newly added players (C. Johnson, Z. Dowdell, M. Shakur & O. Jeffers) I had to use existing Photos from other players till Mr. Xcitement releases an update
All Transactions Updated (as of March 4th 2011)
Updated Player Rotations
Updated Starting Rotations
Player Ratings Update

Compatible with:
Mr. Xcitement's Portraits
2k Patch Update
UAR SuperGlobal XXX 9 v3
UAR Custom PShoe Pack v5
Custom UAR SuperGlobal XXX 6 v2 (older Global)
UAR Custom PShoe Pack v4 (older Shoe Pack)

Important Files:

Mr.Xcitement's Missing Portraits:


  1. Thanks for all the updates! Question though, what are the files in the global for your sweat mod? I want to replace it, sorry yours is unrealistic.

  2. sweat .dds are 85 for face/412/691.
    *if you go to nlcs forums they have a help section where you can find the .dds files and what they are....thank you for doing all you can in finding this out...lets not be lazy ;)

  3. ^ thanks! I'm going to replace with gory's sweat, it's 50x better then this silver sweat crap.

  4. ^ rofl, thats y i learned to make my own globals

  5. ^ gratz idc, its not like its that hard, just takes some time and I could care less about making my "own" global when I can just add/remove others since all the other cool stuff is in there.

  6. My bad guys...I think I put the wrong Sweat Files in the Global...might have been Lunatic Wolf's.

  7. some one needs to crack red editor, its $10 for license and nba 2k11 full game is $20, need to edit knicks colors

  8. Np darth, I just replaced the files myself. Here's your Superglobal v3 with gory's sweat mod if you or anyone else wants it. I appreciate all your work Darth, I'm looking forward to v10x from all the good things I hear!

  9. hope u can get the missing old school teams bench players, hopefully mrx puts the new portraits out, thing will be sickness 1.0 :D

  10. @ Anonymous

    Thanks Bro for the Sweat

  11. So I loaded up your rosters and played a quick game.. Thunder vs Hawks. Ended 111-107, me winning as Thunder. Durant had like 30 points. I looked up on that today when the two teams really played Thunder won 111-105 and Durant had 29 points. I had no idea of anything of the real game before I played this one LOL

    Idk if its your rosters or it was a coincidence but it was fun and nice work on 9.5 lol

  12. woah...big thx for the roster bro..:)

  13. gory do you use the photo mod?

  14. Going to post an updated Version of Photo Mod...I don't like it. Give me a day or 2

  15. Thx Everybody for the Downloads
    Enjoy the Rosters...after the Photo Mod Fix...
    I'm on

  16. @ Gory
    Thx Bro...your accessories are the Shit!!!

    Enjoy the Rosters.

    BTW Gory...could you help me adjust the accessory colors in the future? People keep asking for that but I use free version of REDitor.

  17. @Darth Skinett,
    i just have free version too bro..btw check your email bro,i'll send you msg..

    nope..i'm not using any photomod bro.. :)

  18. So, I dl'd it, but how do I put it on my ps3?
    I saved it to my flashdrive, but when I went to copy it, it said "corrupt data"