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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Ultimate Association Rosters 9.6x & UAR SUPERGLOBAL v5

UA Rosters Version 9.6x
Showtime Rosters


Roster with Injuries

Roster without Injuries

Custom PShoe Pack v6

UAR SuperGlobal v5


Credits to: Johndoe22 & Gory

Custom UAR SuperGlobal based on Shadow Mod XXX 9 (ver.5)
includes: Nike & McDavids Sleeves, Ankle Socks, White Socks & Black Socks, Calf Sleeves (McDavids), TNT Inside the NBA, Gory Accessories 5.0, Gory Ankle Brace v.4, Elbow Braces (Mcdavids), Solid Color Half Calf Sleeve, Team Warmup Suits, Black Suits, Enhanced Generic CF's v.2, Gory's Sweat,
Muscle Reduction, Real Eyes, White Teeth, McDavids Short Sleeves, New Braces, New Knee Pads and more!!!

-Custom UAR Scoreboard V2 (NBA TV / Red TNT Logo)

-Custom UAR Halftime Report (HP / NBA TV)

-Custom UAR Photo Mod XXX9 v3 + v4 Beta (New)


Player Roles have been updated (will not reset)
All Players and Free Agents have a Portrait
**Note** For newly added players (C. Johnson, Z. Dowdell, M. Shakur & O. Jeffers) I had to use existing Photos from other players till Mr. Xcitement releases an update
All Transactions Updated (as of March 15th 2011)
Updated Player Rotations
Updated Starting Rotations
Player Ratings Update

UAR PhotoMod XXX9 v3

UAR SuperGlobal XXX9 v5 & UAR Rosters v9.6


  1. Darth, I sent you an email to your gmail account.

  2. @ anonymous

    My pleasure...just sharing like Johndoe22 has in order to make the Game more enjoyable.

    BTW...someone is updating Headbands for I'll re-upload the Rosters once it's fixed.