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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

UAR v11.4x (Flex 2012) Rosters

They are here!!

The new UAR v11.4x (Flex 2012) Rosters

Enhanced Gameplay
Updated Ratings
Updated Player Rotations
Updated Body Types
Updated Player Tendencies
Updated Rookie Tendencies
Updated Player Hot Spots
Updated Coach Profiles
Updated Player Potential
Updated Player Personality
Updated Player Emotion
Rookie Audio Fixed (Some Players will be called by Name...others by # only)
Fixed Accessories
More Custom Shoes
Updated Cyberfaces
Updated Player Portraits
and more...

Credits to:
DC AllAmerican
Operation Sports
ALL CF Makers
ALL Custom Shoe Makers


4 Easy Steps (You need all these files!!!)

1- Install the UA Rosters

(includes 2012 Draft Class & UAR Game Sliders - OPTIONAL))
(ie. C:\Documents and Settings\Your User Name\Application Data\2K Sports\NBA 2K11\Saves)

2-Download the New UAR Shoe Pack

3-Download the UAR Cyberface Pack

(ie. D:\Program Files\2K Sports\NBA 2K11)

4-Download Solovoy's UPDATED UAR Player Portraits

(ie. D:\Program Files\2K Sports\NBA 2K11)

Start the Game
LOAD the Rosters



P.S. Don't forget to get UTP1985 Jersey Pack (Latest Version) to get all the Jerseys (over 300+ extra Team Jerseys)



  1. celtics colors: home 1st: white away 1st Black
    change alt wht jersey sock color to white

  2. good i hope this time you include nuggets headband alternate to powder blue..

  3. good..dont forget denvers alternate man..

  4. I got you on the Denver Headband Fix

  5. @anonymous...
    I think it is already like just need to adjust the players in the Roster. I manually set some of the Celtics to wear white accessories all the time...check it out!!

  6. Hey..I really would like to see some udpates on player potentials for association mode.Then an updated coach profile.There are some superb rsoters for xbox nad playstation to follow fro have some spreadsheets, so you could see the changes they have made.Even for player tenedencies and stuff.It would really make the gameplay much much better.

  7. Darth, can you please check Magnum Rolle? there's 2 of him (one in FA and one in HAWKS) and we can't remove using reditor...maybe you can take a look and add as an update in 11.4x thanks!

  8. NY Knicks (don't know if it has been fixed already):

    Retro 6 (I believe?): Orange HB + White Sleeve

    Home: Orange Headband!

    Thanks mate!

  9. alt white lakers jersey socks to white and i think you should change the celtics away 1st color to black

  10. darius morris is pg not sg and andrew goudelock is sg/pg and increase his 3pt and mid range, he''s got amazing range

  11. lakers alt white jerseys socks should be white, thank you i love your project darth

  12. You are amazing! I can't believe what you are doing!

  13. @ Everyone

    Thanks for your Feedback...I will use your comments to build the next Update!! Keep it coming!!

  14. Hey Darth! just playing with the celtics, i saw the bigmen of celtics body type are wrong, KG too big, Davis and JOneal needs to add a little weight. Ok thanks for the update!

  15. Hey darth, first of all thanks for all the great job you've done. I'm currently using your 1.3 Rosters. The only problem I have is the players shot tendencies and their touches. Some players are ppg in my association are a little bit off like joe johnson(32.3ppg), steve nash(21.3ppg), etc. If you could look into alby's roster. You could use some of his shooting tendencies and player touches as a base.

  16. nice blog!!! keep on working hard. im excited about the ratings and tendencies changes... as i told you on the nlsc forum i will send you my roster(your roster modified by me) the next week... let's get it done!!! by the way lonestar1891 aka LucasS23 joined the community ;)

  17. @ Ken Tali

    It would be easier to do it myself than go through a Spreadsheet that will take MONTHS to process/analyze...not an effective solution.

    Simply identify the players in would be lying if you told me every player needs improving...Thx for the suggestion but
    the info has to be imported into the Rosters so unless you have an easy way to do that...
    I personally do not have the time to waste.

  18. Need Frank Vogel CF, and other coaches...

  19. Tendencies are being worked on...

  20. @ nickoi09

    Did you mean the Denver Dark Blue or the Yellow Jerseys??

  21. @ anonymous....I agree...Coaches need to be worked on...think CF Makers are focused on getting NBA Players done first.

  22. QUOTE....ken tali said...
    Hey..I really would like to see some udpates on player potentials for association mode.Then an updated coach profile.There are some superb rsoters for xbox nad playstation to follow fro have some spreadsheets, so you could see the changes they have made.Even for player tenedencies and stuff.It would really make the gameplay much much better.....Quote.....

    First and foremost......What a great find!

    Hey, I checked it out and it is awesome....I will check with Darth and see if he will allow me to utilized this. If so I will check with the guys from operation sports and will get busy. If this is approved this will be huge addition to the UAR project.........It's gonna take some time though...

  23. Thanks for doing all this work, I really appreciate it. My one request is, can you put out a draft class for the 2012 draft that is compatible with your mod, that way we can really start this up in association mode.

    You are awesome, thanks for the hard work.

  24. Can you update Lawrence Frank as the Piston's new head coach, I think it was just announced over the weekend. Also, whoever ends up with the Timberwolves job whenever that get's announced. Thanks for doing such a great job.

  25. @ anonymous re> Lawrence Frank...

    We do not have a CF for him yet and he is not in the game either.

    I'm sure one of the guys from the Team or someone else will fix that soon.

    Thx for the info

  26. re: Draft Class

    It's on my to do list...
    I just got GURU Edition of REDitor so it won't be too long before we release something.

  27. Thanks Blacksmurf.I´ve been following that forum for a long time.And there are guys that have put major time on their rosters.And there really are some very awesome stuff to take.Some of them wouldn´t take that much time.:)

  28. Ken Tali: I went over there and I have had excellent Dialog with Chia51 and with HyperBaller! These guys are true sharers of knowledge and work. They showed us major love and when you play the next UARv11x4 you are gonna be suprised. I thank you for the post you made, because I wouldnt checked it out. Youre gonna be tremendously happy.

  29. Okay the player Tendencies that were done by Chia51 for the 360 was redone for the PC. A big up to Hyperballer and DC for making them more current and up to date....I gottem and made a minor adjustments here and there, but those guys did an excellent job.

  30. wow.Great news and big thanks to Blacksmurf.I hope you guys will adjsut the coach profile now too, which won´t take that much time.Then that would really be the best pc roster ever done :P.Can´t wait for the release guys :)

  31. @ Ken Tali

    Thanks for the Info...
    We are processing the info now...and will keep everyone updated on BlackSmurf's and the UAR Teams progress.

  32. @ Darth

    Sorry for the wait, but there done!

    ........Please give DC, Hyperballer and Chia51 a shout out in the creds.

    Also A Big Shout out to Ken Tali once again.
    Now that the new Reditor is out, they should have that D-league, players and stats added so I'm going to check and see if they will let us add em.

  33. @ Ken Tali....That sounds like a good Idea, but
    at the same time, consider this: The UAR Rosters is more focused on the 2012 roster scenario.

    I could imagine that at-least half of the NBA teams will adjust there profiles because of coaching changes, a lot of key coaching personell has been fired during the lookout, (google what happend with the Lakers, Pistons and several other teams) plus the addition of key rookie players and free agent acquisitions.

    So I imagine a lot of teams will make changes that will fit their coaching style and roster.

    The truth is, at some point some of the playbooks will have to be updated.

    So the question is do we make the adjustments now or do we wait? If we do it now, based on what the teams did this past season, we would have to predict how they might adjust. The only thing is, truthfully we can't really deal with the Free Agents yet, because of the lockout. LOL........So we can do a pre-set of coaches profiles, but it wont be true until we know for sure what teams the free agent are going to.

    I don't know if that made sense, I know I have a
    semi-complicated way of thinking! LOLLLL

  34. @ BlackSmurf
    I agree...we need to wait for FA's to be assigned to their new teams till we can get Profiles more accurate...
    In the meantime, I have adjusted the following based on BlackSmurf's recommendations and the guys at Operation Sports...

    Updated Tendencies
    Rookie Tendencies
    Player Hot Spots
    Coach Profiles
    Player Potential
    Player Personality
    Player Emotion
    and more...

    I am currently having problems with my Guru License for REDitor on the new Version X Release so I'm waiting for a response from Vl@d for a Solution before I can work on anything else.

    So far so good...

    BlackSmurf will be Beta-Testing the Rosters soon
    along with the rest of the UAR Team.

  35. i mean denvers alternate the dark blue one change headband colors to powder blue..thanks..

  36. @ nickoi09

    Done...will be in v11.4x

  37. Great new Darth and Blacksmurf.Im really looking forward to playing with the latest roster.I hope it will be a really good one.If you need any help with testing roster or something,then im willing to help you guys :)

  38. Approcimately..when will be the release day?

  39. when will it be release ?

    sorry for bad eng.

  40. I have a question and i love your work!!! DARTH you rule btw rosters in the last update are all players in the correct team or should we adjust are selfs? Because like Shanon Brown, Shane Battier, Deshawn Stevenson and other players are all in Free Agents?

    Grtz Mate keep up the good work

  41. @ Anonymous

    All the players you mentioned are FREE AGENTS

  42. Yep i checked it olso i am sorry mate.

    Thnx for reply hope it comes soon the new roster.


  43. Awesome update to the rosters! Darth is there any way you could upload the files through mediafire? If you're not too busy ofc. thanks!

  44. can you re upload this somewhere else like mediafire??

  45. Hi Darth, just wanna ask, is MLLR's Adizero Rose 1.5 compatible for this roster?

  46. how to download the uar?nice i like it...

  47. having a hard time DL with filefactory cant you upload it on filefront? my DL with file factory is incomplete been trying to download over and over

  48. @ JDotHughes

    Thanks for the support!!

  49. @ anonymous re. File Factory

    The Server was just probably busy...There have been a lot of downloads since the release.

  50. @ Quagral

    I am providing these Free Patches to help support Youth Programs.

    Mediafire doesn't help me do that!!

    So either make a Donation to UAR and I'll send you the file or use File Factory.

  51. Darth, download speed of cyberface is to slow.. cant download it.. please fix it tnx so much.. that's the 1 im missing..

  52. @ kiros26
    I just think there is a lot of Traffic...a lot of people are trying to download the same file.

    Be patient.

  53. @ Gokuatruehero

    You would have to check with chicagoRaw on that. He does the UAR shoes. I think Rose's Shoes may be locked so you would have to change the shoexxx.iff file number to make it work...pshoes won't work

  54. Amazing! Thank you so much, you are single handedly taking the pain of the lockout away.

  55. @ hungrybear

    Thanks Bro.

    With negotiations going soooo bad regarding the new NBA CBA...I really don't think 2k Sports will release a game till all that is cleared up without knowing the new NBA rules/structure etc...

    So we may have to work with what we got for now.

  56. why the pistons away socks is black????

  57. @ Anonymous re. Socks

    Change them!!! Most teams wear black away socks.

  58. Please Note!!!

    If you are not a VIP Member and like to post anonymous do not expect me to always answer or post your remarks.

  59. @Darth, thank you so much for UAR Rosters, now i can play Association Mode! more power to UAR Mods!


    please upload your future updates @mediafire, filefactory had download limits..:( thank you so much again

  60. Bro 2k said they will release NBA2k12 regardless of the progress of the lockout. If the lock out continues the just wont be able to update rosters and stuff. :D

  61. Hy man, I can't dwnload your Roster, after push the downloadbutton always an error site 404 comes:

    404 Not Found



  62. is the link for 11.4x rosters dead?

  63. Darth, this is SAFEalazegui, one of the members of NLSC, i follow your works and im grateful. thanks! may i ask a favor though? im a celtic fan, and im wondering if i could request the celtic's away jersey (ua005), to go with black primary color for sleeves and knee sleeves and all., because i think they use black when they are wearing that away jersey :) i cant purchase vlad's reditor that's why i cant do it myself... thanks darth. looking forward on your future work. :)

  64. some rookies are still called ABC

  65. Thanks again Darth - SAFElazegui

  66. Big thnx Darth.. been using ur works since u've started sharing it, especially ur global and photmod.. keep it up Darth

  67. @ g17

    Thanks Bro for the Support!!

  68. @ Fumanchu

    WHO is still being called ABC?? Be specific!!


  69. @ SAFEalazegui

    Look at some Celtics away picks...most players wear Green and some wear Black.

  70. @ MasterJa

    Thanks for the Update

  71. @ 2KBaller7

    Thanks for the support Bro!!

  72. The File Factory links are working...Portraits link will be fixed shortly

  73. All links should be working now!!

  74. Paul Pierce, O'Neal, Garnet - they wear green arm bands, but rondo, and rey allen, they wear black long arm sleeves. rondo and pierce wears black knee sleeves away, but at home they wear white. :) request, can i just ask if you can make 1st team color for away black? then secondary green? :) i hope im not asking for too much.. if its a bother, that's ok :) thanks again. - SAFElazegui

  75. Thank You Bro for this awesome patch...It runs smoothly..thank you thank you thank you...

  76. its a repost. isnt it the same with the previos version of yours?

  77. @ SAFElazegui re. Celtics

    The Players are already set up like that.

    What will be required is that I have both team and team 2 home colors be white and then team away Black and team 2 away green...this structure/setup messes up the shoe colorways which then requires every Player to have custom shoes...

    I will see what I can do but no promises

  78. Hello!! I cannot find my man- Lawerence Frank in Pistons... Did I something wrong? Thaks for your great work...

  79. F***** A! Awesome update yet again Darth!I was wondering does anyone use a specific sliders/settings for this roster as I can't seem to get realistic results. Peace!

  80. @ P23

    Because he's not in the Game!!!!!! LOL
    He never was!!!

  81. @ Quagral

    Use whatever Sliders you like or adjust for the results YOU want. lol

  82. But I thought that you could add him:D you know Isiah Thomas is no a good idea:D

  83. @ P23 re. Frank

    Actually...someone just made a CF so I will add him in the next a matter of fact I will change the names to all the new Coaches and find the closest CF & Portrait till someone makes the rest of the Coaches...

    You are right about Isiah...lmao!!

  84. darth is it true that some players have difrent types of body than others an al of that you mention in dicribe of this mod?

  85. hello, thanks for rosters :) i found that Tanguy Ngombo (SG, free agent) has incorrect skin color, if its possible fix that in next version, because im not able to change it with the ingame player editor.

  86. @ venom7196

    Ngombo has been fixed

  87. @ Anonymous

    Players have different body types...there will be a few more body fixes in the next release.

  88. Hi, thnx for everything but i have a question for u:

    Im using official patch 1.01 with Ultimate Jersej Patch and it wont work correct. Do i have to use nba 2k11 version of 1.0 with ultimate jersey pack?

  89. @ cianni44

    Make sure you get the most current version of the Jersey Pack

  90. Thanks but i'm asking that which version of Nba 2k11 we have to use it?

    1.00 (the original) or 1.01 (the offical patch)

  91. @ cianni44

    Why would you use 1.00???

    You wouldn't be able to connect to the 2k Server.
    Update to the latest version.

  92. everything is fine except for the rookies.. headless ith white bodies.. please help me what to do thanks.