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Monday, August 1, 2011

Important UAR Announcement

Please do not Support the following sites that do not have PERMISSION to post UAR Mods

To avoid VIRUSES and all other potential Computer Threats
Download all UAR Mods from here

These sites are the REASON...UAR Mods will be more difficult for YOU to get in the FUTURE!!...I know JohnDoe really doesn't like this!!

Let these sites know they are the REASON why there may not be any more RELEASES for YOU!!! Only PRIVATE ONES!!
These sites have ILLEGALLY / WITHOUT PERMISSION posted UAR work and Modifed the contents

If you know of any other sites that are doing this please let me know so I can update this list and give them the CREDIT they DESERVE!!!

Please Register as a VIP Member on the UAR Blog Site before the end of August 2011 otherwise you will not have access to any of the DOWNLOADS


  1. @ Mr.Xcitement96

    Hey Bro!!

    Good to see you are still around.

    Thanks for the support!!

  2. Please someone tell me how to register as a vip member.. :)

  3. @ dizonjordan

    The VIP Member Registration Box is located on the left of the page right below "Help Youth by supporting UAR"

  4. @ rated03

    Thanks for the support Bro

  5. WEll... I am a vip member now.

  6. just release the v11.4

  7. sir can u do a more harder than hall of fame ??

  8. @ Everyone!!

    Thanks for the Support and Registering to The UAR Blog Site!!