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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

UAR "New Era" (2011 Draft Rosters) v10x

UAR "New Era" (2011 Draft Rosters) v10x

Hey Baron!! I'm the "New Star" in Town...


UAR Rosters v10x

UAR Rosters v10x (No Inj)

UAR Custom PShoe Pack for v10x


Darth's 2k11 Slider Settings

UAR v10x PhotoMod (Darth Edition 6)

Here's the latest Edition of UAR Rosters v10x


UTP Jersey Pack FULL Compatibility
Rookies added to teams that Drafted them (only a few exceptions based on Roster size limitations)
Rookie CF's ID's added to UAR Rosters (over 60 players added!!)
Rookie Portraits ID's added
New Coaches Update
Player Contracts Update
COMPLETE Shoe UPDATE (every player!! All shoes aren't custom...over 70% are; you can do the rest of them and send ME the file!! lol )
New Shoes added
Coaches Profiles Updated
Coaches Rating Update
Player Rotations Update
Player Ratings Update
Draftees Teams Update
Player Headband & Accessories Color Update
and more!!!

Important message from Darth!!

Please Read!!

You will need the following for the patch to work!!!

So download them if you haven't already

If CF's do not show up use REDitor FREE Version to see what CF ID I'm using and assign that to the CF you want to use or are missing

Install files in this order

1- UTP 1985 Jersey Pack (4 Files - 2 Current & 2 Retro)
2- Kova's Missing CF's
3- EGS Draft V1 Cyberfaces
4- BabyFace Portrait Files and the CF's too
5- Skittles 93 Cyberfaces

Don't forget to LOAD the Rosters once you start up the Game

Download these Necessary Files:

Kova's missing CF pack...

Download the EGS Rookie CF's

Skittles93 Compilation CF Pack

BabyFace Rookie Portraits Update

UTP1985 Jersey Pack (all 4 files)

That's it!!!



Known Issues

These issues will be fixed in v11x

You will need to change some of the CF_ID #'s (png # of the player), GenericF Values (from 1 to 0) in the Rosters for all players to display properly...Use Skittles93 Rosters to get proper CF ID'#'s for the players you need to fix

Player Age, Contracts etc...were not updated

Player Ratings and Info will be updated in v11x

Player Loyalty especially in Rookies will be updated

Players shoes will be updated in v11x release


  1. i found out where to put the rosters but i notice no changes i went to association and still no rookies am i doing something wrong?

  2. @anonymous

    I suggest v11.3x and make sure you LOAD the Rosters