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Thursday, July 28, 2011

UAR "New Era" (Next Level 2012) v11.3x Rosters

This Year's Rookies have something to say about the Draft being "SOFT" for 2011

UAR "New Era" (Next Level 2012) v11.3x Rosters

Brandon Knight


Rookie Portraits added by Solovoy (All Rookies have a Portrait)
Fully Compatible with UTP1985 Jersey Pack Update (390 Jerseys!!)
NBA Player Contracts Fixed - Darth
Rookie Player Info (Draft Position, Contracts etc...) Updated by Solovoy
R.Vaden release from OKL to FA issue fixed
Rookie & NBA Player Body Types Updated
Team Accessory Colors fixed
Rookie Audio fixed
Updated Player Rotations
Updated Player Ratings
Updated Coach Profiles
Updated CF Pack (wrong CF's fixed)

Download Now

Install in this order to avoid any problems
Note You only have to download the Files highlighted in GREEN if you have installed the other files from the last UAR Roster release.

Copy Rosters and Sliders to your Saves Folder

Copy all other files to you NBA 2k11 Main Folder
(ie. C:\Program Files\2K Sports\NBA 2K11)

UAR "New Era"(Next Level 2012) v11.3x Rosters
(Comes with UAR Custom Sliders)

Skiittles93 CF Pack (You just need the files from the CF Folder)

UAR Custom CF Pack v11.3x
Just so you don't say the faces are wrong...I am in no way taking CREDIT for these CF's

Solovoy's Updated UAR Portraits 2012 (All Rookies added!!)

UAR Custom PShoe Pack v11x by chicagoRAW

UTP1985 & 187's Complete Jersey Pack Update (390 jerseys)
You have to donwload the V1, V2 and V3 of the UTP1985 Jersey pack for Jerseys to Display properly in Selector

These are the links:

Step your BALL GAME up!!! with The UAR Project

Get a Preview of the Rookies in action!!

Derek Williams

Kemba Walker

Kyrie Irving

Jan Vesely

Bismack Biyombo

Kenneth Faried


  1. thank you for a AWESOME update and a damn good website. keep doing ya thing brotha. ;)

  2. Thanks Bro...more updates coming :-)

  3. excellent work!!!

  4. my rookies and sophomore did not change players.. why is that?

  5. @toybotz...because you are not using my Rosters in Association Mode...

    You need to LOAD them and then START a NEW Association.

    UAR Mod will not change default Rookies & Sophomores in Exhibition Mode of Game

  6. You've got one hell of a nice-looking mod here.

    Keep it up. I can't wait to try it out.

  7. sir any links ? mediafire had some problems w\my browser .. tnx

  8. maybe try to update the color of the accessories. like for boston's away. arm sleeves should be black at away. and with arm bands, it should be green not white. :) same thing with the cavs :)

  9. @ flywithcaptmico

    You do know that you can adjust them

    If you took the time you would realize that they already configured like that.

    Simply switch whoever you want to wear black as away to team color accessories or black.

  10. @darth, currently bostons first team colors look this, Home: White Away: White, so its no different than using white accessories, you had the team colors for boston right in 11.2

    Home: 1st: White 2nd: Green
    Away: 1st: Black 2nd: Green

  11. @ anonymous re. Celtics

    You have to manually adjust the Celtics to switch the accessories to Black...
    I changed some players to White accessories manually since I see some Celtics wearing white accessories (ie. Rondo, Allen, Pierce) with away uniforms.

  12. no celtics players wear white accessoories on the road only some wear white shoes

  13. you had the right boston accessory colors in 11.2 in 11.3 bostons 1st team color is white both home and away it should be white at home black away, it would make more sense to do this than keeping the 1st team just white for home and away

  14. @Darth When I checked some photos from the playoffs the celtics never wore white accessories on the road only white at home and black on road, some wore white dominant shoes on the road but it would be better if you changed celtics 1st team color back to what they were in 11.2

  15. Darth, I noticed some of the fictional jerseys in utp would look better if they had black socks, although i do like the retro look of only white socks, but can you check and see what fictional jerseys could use black socks

  16. @ Anonymous RE. Celtics

    I will update the Colors to reflect their current style.
    Thx for the info.
    Some pics I see the Celtics wearing green accessories so I will do 1st Black and 2nd Green for away
    For home White and Green...since Black is always available as a color option....the other issue is it Fucks up the Shoe Colorways when you do that...that is why PLAYERS sometimes have ALL BLACK SHOES...This is why I suggest that you manually adjust certain players to Black "All the time" rather than mess up the entire teams shoes. Till all players have custom shoes...white or Black as a Team 1st or 2nd Team Color will mess up the Shoe Colorways.

    @Anonymous re Retro Jerseys
    It was agreed that all Retro Jersey would have White Socks based on the fact it is more REALISTIC.

    I agree Black Socks might look nicer...but in that case...use CURRENT or ALTERNATIVE Jerseys.

  17. @Darth Im fine with retro jersey socks being white but for instance the black lakers jerseys and the black thunder jersey would look better if they had black socks

  18. @ Anonymous re. Jerseys

    That sounds like a reasonable request...I will see what I can do...

  19. majok of la lakers has no cf.

  20. i can't "create a team" with this roster. any fix?

  21. @ Anonymous

    All slots are use with Jersey no teams can be created.

    Download Majok CF if you don't have it.

  22. I put all the jersey but when I play the Game I can't use the other uniforms??

  23. hi when i start assocination is still 2010 year. what i must do ?

  24. HI darth nice job, i have a question in My player mode in the draft is this draft or john wall draft ??? i dont know if you understand me i am sorry for my bad english i am from chile! i cant wait to test yours patch on august 14 i have too because there is when my machine is here thanks

  25. Is This Working Properly in My Player Mode Sir Darth? :)

  26. Sir Besides Filefactory Can you Please ReUpload the UAR Custom CF Pack v11.3x 'cause in Mediafire it was Removed. Thanks In Advance sir! :)