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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

UAR News!!

Hey Everyone,
I just wanted to provide some Info and a few updates regarding Upcoming Releases.

1- UAR v11.4 Update is still being worked on but should be released in about a week (5 to 7 days)

Upcoming Features / Updates:
Enhanced Gameplay
Updated Ratings
Updated Player Tendencies
Updated Rookie Tendencies
Updated Player Hot Spots
Updated Coach Profiles
Updated Player Potential
Updated Player Personality
Updated Player Emotion
see more...

2- JohnDoe MK5 Re-Release has been delayed due to Technical Issues...will keep you updated on that.

3- UAR PhotoMod v11.2x (DarthVision 8) will be released around the same time as the new Rosters.

4- Solovoy has provided an update to Player Portraits that will be released with UAR Rosters v11.4x.

On another note...
I want to thank everyone for using the Rosters and supporting the Blog Site.

In response to some requests...
No I do not do Retro Teams and I'm not a CF

Realize we put a lot of time into the UAR more work is not what we are looking for.

This is too Funny PLEASE READ

I was thinking of getting some of the Kids that I work/volunteer with to assist in Special UAR Requests but unfortunately the KIDS nowadays are more about their MONEY!!

Their 1st question was "How much are you paying me Darth?? You know that Time is Money" Lmao

They even asked me why do I waste my time doing this for FREE???

I explained why to them...
but they said they wouldn't do it.
Considering KIDS nowadays spend TONS of Money on Cell Phones, Electronics, Clothing, Shoes, Alcohol, Drugs etc...
They just shook their heads and laughed at me...saying "Kids spend money...don't be fooled with all the Recession Crap"

I got schooled by a bunch of Kids!!! (12 to 17yrs old) LOL

So unless you are willing to make a Donation...Special Requests outside of the UAR mandate...won't be happening.
So just be satisfied, that you are getting UAR Updates.

These 2011 Kids are RUTHLESS!!!...lmao


  1. I have been searching for a shadow mod as a stand alone download and cannot find one. COuld you help me out?

  2. @ Manfred

    Funny you asked...JohnDoe will be releasing Shadow Mod xxx10 soon or you can look for Shadow Mod xxx9 with "eye fix"

    I suggest you try UAR SuperGlobal's the link

  3. Im really looking forward for that release.I hope it will be a good one and i can enjoy the 2 months playing time left, before getting nba 2k12 :)