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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Coming Soon!! UAR v12x Rosters

UAR v12x Rosters with Real D-League

After trying out the Beta V12x Rosters I realized this...

Players initially assigned to the D-League that belong to your NBA Affiliated Team can be signed by other NBA Teams because...

As soon as you Start an Association/Season all D-League Players become available as Free Agents

Note!!! This doesn't apply to Players initially on your NBA Team that get sent down to D-League

1-Sign Player(s) in D-League you want to secure as soon as you start your Association
2-Go into REDitor once you start your Association and switch the players you want to secure by switching the Free Agent value from 1 to 0


  1. Thanks for all this job man. From Spain thanks!

  2. @ The Virus

    No problem Bro...Enjoy the Rosters!!

  3. UAR Update

    For people having problems with File Factory

    1-Click on the DOWNLOAD link at the bottom of the page...a Box will appear below the DL link.

    2-Enter the code/password to confirm you are a Human

    3-Wait for the Timer to expire

    4-Click on the DOWNLOAD Link at the bottom of the page to Start Download

  4. ummm why are the lakers away socks white??? they should be black

  5. @ Anonymous re Lakers Socks

    It was confirmed Lakers wear white away...only black away in Playoffs

  6. @darth
    lakers wear black socks away both regular season and playoffs, the rest of their socks are white, they only where black socks with their yellow home jersey in the playoffs, so please change sock color to this:
    Home: White
    Away: Black
    Alt Home: White

    I have checked and the lakers never wore white socks on the road at all this year

  7. @ Anonymous re. Lakers Socks

    To be honest I thought so too. I will look into it and make the necessary adjustments.

    BTW become a Member of the UAR Blog Site.

    It will be locked at the end of the month to non-members.

  8. Noticed on the rockets though the home sock color was changed to black the shoe primary color remained white. Not a big deal but a little annoying.

    Thanks for all your work man, these rosters have been great

  9. Hey darth! loving the whole roster update! I was wondering when would the Create a Team feature be fixed? I was hoping to get some custom team action with my friends. Much appreciated dude!

  10. great updates...especially the d-league'd perfect for association..thanks!

  11. yo i have a possible fix for the d-league dissapearing it would appear in theory if u enabled play d-league at associations begining they wouldnt be resigned have u tried that?

  12. where can i find the download link ?

  13. Are there rosters that don't have current FA's set as FA's?

  14. @ slam

    No. Just sign the players you want to the team.

  15. Would you mind going through a step by step process on how to load all of these modifications & roster updates? Because I'm just now seeing that these are available and I don't know where to start...