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Sunday, January 1, 2012

UAR PhotoMod 2k12 (DarthVision 9)

Here is the first UAR PhotoMod for NBA 2k12 PC


Preview Pics


  1. Hey Darth this is my first NBA 2k game on PC, how exactly do I apply this mod? Btw thanks for this mod :-)

  2. @ MoneyOvaBunnies
    Simply copy and paste all the files into your NBA 2k12 main folder and run the game.

  3. Is JohnDoe22 going to modding 2k12? his xxx globals were awesome, do your magic Darth, get him in 2k12 :)

  4. how to make it a little bit brighter?

  5. Is it just me or when you alt-tab out of the game and than go back into the game, the game crashes(just shuts it self down back to desktop). I took out the photo mod an i could alt tab and go back in with out it crashing. Also on the play now screen behind the players for the teams when u pick what team u want it go's black.