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Thursday, December 1, 2011

UAR v12x D-League Update

***Important Info to know when starting Association Mode***

Players initially assigned to the D-League that belong to your NBA Team can be signed by another Team because...

As soon as you start a Season all D-League Players become available as Free Agents
Note!!! This doesn't apply to Players initially on your NBA Team that get sent down to D-League

This has happened only so far with Players assigned to D-League that are rated over 60

1-Sign or Call Up Player(s) on your D-League Team that you want to secure as soon as you start your Association
2-Go into REDitor once you start your Association and switch the players you want to secure by switching the Free Agent value from 1 to 0

D-League Teams are about 75% accurate since I moved players to their affiliate D-League Team so when you are in Association Mode you can easily call them up to your NBA Team and added some players that were on the FA list to the D-League.

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