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Thursday, July 28, 2011

UAR SuperGlobal v7 (New Era Edition)

UAR SuperGlobal v7 by Darth

Here's the latest UAR SuperGlobal based on Johndoe's xxx9 Global:

Global xxx9 Eye Fix
Lagoa's 3D Models with longer knee pads & braces
New 2-Tone long Calf Sleeve
TNT Inside the NBA
Gory's Accessories 5.0
Gory Ankle Brace 4.0
Gory Sweat
Calf Sleeves (McDavids)
Short Arm Sleeves (McDavids)
Nike long arm Sleeves
McDavids long arm Sleeves
Ankle Socks
White Socks & Black Socks
Long Sock Fix
Kobe Knee Brace
Elbow Braces (McDavids)
Jordan 1/2 Calf Sleeve (Yes it's back !!)
Dark Suits (not always Black)
Enhanced Generic CF's v.2
Enhanced Warmups
Muscle Reduction
Real Eyes
White Teeth
and more!!!

Download UAR SuperGlobal v7


UAR "New Era" (Next Level 2012) v11.3x Rosters

This Year's Rookies have something to say about the Draft being "SOFT" for 2011

UAR "New Era" (Next Level 2012) v11.3x Rosters

Brandon Knight


Rookie Portraits added by Solovoy (All Rookies have a Portrait)
Fully Compatible with UTP1985 Jersey Pack Update (390 Jerseys!!)
NBA Player Contracts Fixed - Darth
Rookie Player Info (Draft Position, Contracts etc...) Updated by Solovoy
R.Vaden release from OKL to FA issue fixed
Rookie & NBA Player Body Types Updated
Team Accessory Colors fixed
Rookie Audio fixed
Updated Player Rotations
Updated Player Ratings
Updated Coach Profiles
Updated CF Pack (wrong CF's fixed)

Download Now

Install in this order to avoid any problems
Note You only have to download the Files highlighted in GREEN if you have installed the other files from the last UAR Roster release.

Copy Rosters and Sliders to your Saves Folder

Copy all other files to you NBA 2k11 Main Folder
(ie. C:\Program Files\2K Sports\NBA 2K11)

UAR "New Era"(Next Level 2012) v11.3x Rosters
(Comes with UAR Custom Sliders)

Skiittles93 CF Pack (You just need the files from the CF Folder)

UAR Custom CF Pack v11.3x
Just so you don't say the faces are wrong...I am in no way taking CREDIT for these CF's

Solovoy's Updated UAR Portraits 2012 (All Rookies added!!)

UAR Custom PShoe Pack v11x by chicagoRAW

UTP1985 & 187's Complete Jersey Pack Update (390 jerseys)
You have to donwload the V1, V2 and V3 of the UTP1985 Jersey pack for Jerseys to Display properly in Selector

These are the links:

Step your BALL GAME up!!! with The UAR Project

Get a Preview of the Rookies in action!!

Derek Williams

Kemba Walker

Kyrie Irving

Jan Vesely

Bismack Biyombo

Kenneth Faried

UAR PhotoMod v11x Series (DarthVision 7)

Here is the latest UAR (Ultimate Association Rosters)
PhotoMod for 11x series Rosters

Brightened Game Image
Reduced Color Richness
Removed Redness from Players
Enhanced Performance
JohnDoe "Crowd Update" added



Wednesday, July 27, 2011

NBA 2k11 - New Rookies Teaser Video Fan Made

Take a look at some of his work!!
Featuring UAR Mods Roster, SuperGlobal v7 and PhotoMod v11x

UAR News!!

Hey Everyone,
I just wanted to provide some Info and a few updates regarding Upcoming Releases.

1- UAR v11.4 Update is still being worked on but should be released in about a week (5 to 7 days)

Upcoming Features / Updates:
Enhanced Gameplay
Updated Ratings
Updated Player Tendencies
Updated Rookie Tendencies
Updated Player Hot Spots
Updated Coach Profiles
Updated Player Potential
Updated Player Personality
Updated Player Emotion
see more...

2- JohnDoe MK5 Re-Release has been delayed due to Technical Issues...will keep you updated on that.

3- UAR PhotoMod v11.2x (DarthVision 8) will be released around the same time as the new Rosters.

4- Solovoy has provided an update to Player Portraits that will be released with UAR Rosters v11.4x.

On another note...
I want to thank everyone for using the Rosters and supporting the Blog Site.

In response to some requests...
No I do not do Retro Teams and I'm not a CF

Realize we put a lot of time into the UAR more work is not what we are looking for.

This is too Funny PLEASE READ

I was thinking of getting some of the Kids that I work/volunteer with to assist in Special UAR Requests but unfortunately the KIDS nowadays are more about their MONEY!!

Their 1st question was "How much are you paying me Darth?? You know that Time is Money" Lmao

They even asked me why do I waste my time doing this for FREE???

I explained why to them...
but they said they wouldn't do it.
Considering KIDS nowadays spend TONS of Money on Cell Phones, Electronics, Clothing, Shoes, Alcohol, Drugs etc...
They just shook their heads and laughed at me...saying "Kids spend money...don't be fooled with all the Recession Crap"

I got schooled by a bunch of Kids!!! (12 to 17yrs old) LOL

So unless you are willing to make a Donation...Special Requests outside of the UAR mandate...won't be happening.
So just be satisfied, that you are getting UAR Updates.

These 2011 Kids are RUTHLESS!!!...lmao

Sunday, July 24, 2011

NEWSFLASH!! The JohnDoe Invasion!?

JohnDoe ShadowMod xxx10 with UAR PhotoMod v11.2x BETA (DarthVision 8)

My PhotoMod & Global Mentor "JohnDoe" is back!!!

He will be providing a re-release of his Infamous Mortal Kombat 5 PhotoMod!!

Stay Tuned!!

More Details & Previews

Coming Soon...

JohnDoe Mods are currently available right here in the UAR Patches & Mods Archives

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

UAR Photo Mod v10x (Darth Edition 6) *New Era Edition*

UAR PhotoMod v10x (Darth Edition 6)
New Era Series

Here is the latest edition of the UAR PhotoMod by Darth

Reduced Color Intensity
Brightened Image
Performance Enhancement
Crowd Patch (by JohnDoe)

Copy and Paste all files into your main NBA 2k11 Folder and Run the Game. That's it!!



Download Now

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

UAR "New Era" (2011 Draft Rosters) v10x

UAR "New Era" (2011 Draft Rosters) v10x

Hey Baron!! I'm the "New Star" in Town...


UAR Rosters v10x

UAR Rosters v10x (No Inj)

UAR Custom PShoe Pack for v10x


Darth's 2k11 Slider Settings

UAR v10x PhotoMod (Darth Edition 6)

Here's the latest Edition of UAR Rosters v10x


UTP Jersey Pack FULL Compatibility
Rookies added to teams that Drafted them (only a few exceptions based on Roster size limitations)
Rookie CF's ID's added to UAR Rosters (over 60 players added!!)
Rookie Portraits ID's added
New Coaches Update
Player Contracts Update
COMPLETE Shoe UPDATE (every player!! All shoes aren't custom...over 70% are; you can do the rest of them and send ME the file!! lol )
New Shoes added
Coaches Profiles Updated
Coaches Rating Update
Player Rotations Update
Player Ratings Update
Draftees Teams Update
Player Headband & Accessories Color Update
and more!!!

Important message from Darth!!

Please Read!!

You will need the following for the patch to work!!!

So download them if you haven't already

If CF's do not show up use REDitor FREE Version to see what CF ID I'm using and assign that to the CF you want to use or are missing

Install files in this order

1- UTP 1985 Jersey Pack (4 Files - 2 Current & 2 Retro)
2- Kova's Missing CF's
3- EGS Draft V1 Cyberfaces
4- BabyFace Portrait Files and the CF's too
5- Skittles 93 Cyberfaces

Don't forget to LOAD the Rosters once you start up the Game

Download these Necessary Files:

Kova's missing CF pack...

Download the EGS Rookie CF's

Skittles93 Compilation CF Pack

BabyFace Rookie Portraits Update

UTP1985 Jersey Pack (all 4 files)

That's it!!!



Known Issues

These issues will be fixed in v11x

You will need to change some of the CF_ID #'s (png # of the player), GenericF Values (from 1 to 0) in the Rosters for all players to display properly...Use Skittles93 Rosters to get proper CF ID'#'s for the players you need to fix

Player Age, Contracts etc...were not updated

Player Ratings and Info will be updated in v11x

Player Loyalty especially in Rookies will be updated

Players shoes will be updated in v11x release