UAR NBA 2k20 v6.1 Roster Update

    The UAR Base Sliders and v6 Rosters  have just been updated! UAR COMMUNITY ROSTERS v6.1 STEAM User: darth2k11 STEAM Roster Name: UAR Rosters 2k20 UAR 2k20 SLIDERS STEAM User ID: darth2k11 STEAM Slider Name: UAR Base Sliders v1

NBA 2k20 PC Community Rosters v6 "The UAR Xperience"

  Thanks for supporting the Rosters.  I'm moving on to NBA 2k21...  Here is the latest update for UAR NBA 2k20.  I made quite a few changes and wanted to drop another update before Mid-Season since I have fixed some stuff that got messed up while I was updating the v5 Rosters. Please try to do a Fresh Install of your "WAIGUA" Folder so extra files that may be left over from OLDER UPDATES can be deleted. FEATURES 1. All trades & transactions up to February 21st 2021 2. Missing Portraits have been updated for a few players  3 . All 30 Teams Player Rotations have been updated 4. Updated Player Ratings 5. Updated UAR Portrait Re-Pack v5 (NEW) 6. Updated UAR Jersey Re-Pack v3 (NEW) 7. Updated UAR Court Re-Pack v3 (NEW) 8. Applied Player Injuries that are longer than 1 month 9. Updated some Team Accessory Colors 10. Missing Cyberfaces updated v2 (NEW) 11. Fixed Courts that were not linked when I re-ordered the Jerseys 12. Added New Courts 13. Added New

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