NBA 2k18 PC -- Bug/Glitch loading Rosters with more than 15 players on a Team has been reported to 2k Sports

I submitted ticket # 4196881 to 2k Sports
to Report and Fix a BUG I noticed over 1 month ago. I am still going back and forth with 2k Sports
but it doesn't look good... I am still being asked to clear the cache and re-install the game...LMFAOThe Community Rosters still work
properly if you start a New Association.

My Latest Reply to 2k Sports(May 14th 2019)

1. Download my Rosters or the latest 2k Rosters
STEAM ID = darth2k11
FILENAME = NBA2K18 Community Rosters
2. Load the Roster and find a Team that has 17 players.
If you use mine, the Philadelphia 76ers have 17 players
(15 Regular and 2 Two-Way Players)
3. Exit from Edit Roster Mode and try these 2 things:
a) Try to start a new PLAYOFF
Make sure you have the 76ers or the Team that has 17 players from the Roster you are using selected. When you try to edit that team you will see there are only 15 players available for editing instead of 17.
2 players cannot be edited.
b) Go to Play Now Mode and LOAD the Rosters.
Load …

UAR NBA 2k18 Community Rosters v6 (Playoff Edition) *FINAL RELEASE* [STEAM+OFFLINE]

This is it!!

The Final Release of the UAR
NBA 2k18 Community Rosters.

Thanks for supporting the Rosters!!
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when I release Rosters for NBA 2k20 PC


Is this your 1st time installing the ROSTERS?

Go HERE before installing the latest version to
avoid any conflicts with Cyberfaces or Portraits

UAR NBA 2k18 Community Rosters v6   

How to Install the Rosters STEAM USERS INSTALLATION
STEAM ID = darth2k11 FILENAME = NBA2K18 Community Rosters

DOWNLOAD the ROSTERS HERE Community Rosters [OFFLINE] v6.0
Install HERE   (You can use SEARCH to find the "577800" Folder)

Team Rankings for Community Rosters v6 (Playoff Edition)

Here are the new Team Rankings  for Community Rosters v6
Last updated April 12th 2019

1  Milwaukee
2  Toronto

3  Golden State

4  Denver

5 Portland

6  Houston

7  Philadelphia
8  Utah 9 Oklahoma

10  Boston

11  San Antonio 

Game Sliders for 18/19 Community Rosters

Here are the GAME SLIDERS  for the 18/19 Community Rosters

These are the CPU Sliders
Your USER SLIDERS  should be HIGHER than the CPU  based on your Personal Preference except for FOULS Your USER settings should be LOWER for FOULS

New Players added to the 18/19 Community Rosters

Here are some of the players you can expect to see in the Roster Update

Last updated April 12th 2019