19/20 NBA 2k18 Community Rosters (FINAL Release) v4.2

Here it is... 
The Final Release!!!

Thanks for supporting the 2k18 PC Community Rosters.

I just bought NBA 2k20 PC (currently discounted on STEAM for 26$ (CDN)

Is this your 1st time installing the ROSTERS? Go HERE before installing the latest version of the Rosters to avoid any conflicts with Cyberfaces or Portraits.
It will show you what files must be deleted  if your Cyberfaces or Portraits  are not displaying correctly.

How to Install the Rosters

DOWNLOAD the ROSTERS HERE 19/20 UAR Rosters "Final Edition" (v4.2)
Install HERE   (You can use SEARCH to find the "577800" Folder)

Game Sliders for 19/20 UAR Rosters

Here are the GAME SLIDERS  for the 19/20 Community Rosters

Below are the CPU Sliders that should
be used for the UAR Rosters

Your USER SLIDERS  should be HIGHER than the CPU  based on your Personal Preference except for FOULS Your USER settings should be LOWER for FOULS

R.I.P. Kobe & Gianna Bryant

One of the greatest players to ever play the game of Basketball dies in helicopter crash at the age of 41.

As the world mourns the loss of this icon and one of his daughters from this unfortunate accident, we will never forget  the memories and contributions Kobe has made to the World.

Rest in Peace Kobe!!!

Top 24 Players 19/20 Rosters "Ballers Edition"

Here are the ratings for the Top 24 Players Last updated January 25th 2020

NBA 2k18 TNT Studio Update

BONUS (TNT Studio)
Credits to Bongo88

Get more versions of Bongo88 2k18 Studios here: