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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Ultimate Association Rosters v9.8x (Playoff Rosters)

Credits to: Solovoy (for Headband Fix)

Here are the latest UA Rosters with:

Team Headband fix
Transactions updated up to April 16th 2011
Updated Player Ratings
Updated Player Rotations

Missing Players added:
Chris Johnson -> 1672
Othyus Jeffers -> 1671
Jerel McNeal -> 1666
Marcus Cousin -> 1667
Zabian Dowdell -> 1670
Mustafa Shakur -> 1669


Roster with Injuries

Roster without Injuries

UAR Custom PShoe Pack v6

Missing Portraits added (by Solovoy)

You need to Download the Updated Missing Portraits File from him if you haven't's located below

Missing Portraits Update (by Solovoy)

Friday, April 8, 2011

Requested CF Hip hop Rapper "TI" UPDATED 4/16

here's v2 EHMZY :)      you should be able to see some resemblance now i tweaked eyes,nose,headshape basically everything...lol