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Friday, June 10, 2011

Ultimate Association Rosters Version 9.9x (In Ya Face) Edition

New Release
UA Rosters Ver 9.9x (June 8th 2011)
(In ya Face) Edition


UA Rosters v9.9x
UA Rosters with & without Injuries
Draft Class 2011 & 2012 by

UAR Custom PShoe Pack v7

Missing Portraits Update (by Solovoy & Mr Xcitement)

Here are the latest UA Rosters with:

Team Headband fix
Transactions updated up to June 8th 2011
Updated Player Ratings
Updated Player Rotations
Updated Player Roles

Missing Players added:
Chris Johnson -> 1672
Othyus Jeffers -> 1671
Jerel McNeal -> 1666
Marcus Cousin -> 1667
Zabian Dowdell -> 1670
Mustafa Shakur -> 1669

Missing Portraits added by Solovoy & Mr Xcitement
Headband Fix by Solovoy

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

UAR SuperGlobal v6 + PhotoMod v5 (Darth Edition III )

UAR SuperGlobal v6 + PhotoMod v5 (Darth Edition III )


I wanted to take my time and make a...

"Best of the Best" SuperGlobal, ScoreBoard & Halftime Report

This is what is in it...

UAR SuperGlobal 6.0

Latest Johndoe22 Shadow Mod Available
Johndoe22 Eye Fix

TNT Inside the NBA

Gory's Accessories
Gory Ankle Brace 4.0
Gory Sweat
Calf Sleeves (McDavids)
Short Sleeves (McDavids)
Nike Sleeves
McDavids Sleeves
Ankle Socks
White Socks & Black Socks
Long Sock Fix
Knee Brace
Elbow Braces (McDavids)
Solid Color Half Calf Sleeve (not the Jordan one)

Black Suits

Enhanced Generic CF's v.2

Enhanced Warmups (Gory)

Muscle Reduction

White Teeth


UAR PhotoMod xxx9 v5 (Darth Edition III ) June 7th 2011
ScoreBoard &
Halftime Report

You got to play the Game with this

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